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Studio 1330’s beginnings were relatively humble. It was one of three outbuildings surrounding an 1860’s log house situated on an acre of ground purchased in 1987. The house and collection of buildings were described as a “handyman’s special” — an apt description, considering all of the structures required extensive work. 


The property's previous owner had used the structure for storage and referred to it as “the old schoolhouse.” It turns out the “old schoolhouse” wasn’t actually a schoolhouse at all. It was a small building located on the campus of Western Maryland College, now known as McDaniel College, which had been dismantled sometime during the early 1900’s, and then reassembled on the spot where it sits today.


Renovations to the property were directed initially toward the log house and two of the three outbuildings: the summer kitchen, and the detached garage. During this period of reconstruction, the “old schoolhouse” sat dormant for years. 


In 2012 an idea from years earlier finally came forward again. The “old schoolhouse” would double as a studio-gallery; a space that would allow for drawing and painting and for the display of completed artworks. Renovations began in earnest during the summer of 2013, and were largely completed by December of 2015. 

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